All add-ons currently require PHP 7.4 or greater.

On July 4th 2024 PHP 8.2 will be the new minimum requirement for all add-ons. Expect any add-on released after that date to require 8.2 or greater. Some releases may not immediately take advantage of 8.x specific features in PHP, which means you might, be able to continue using new releases in PHP 7.4, however, if you experience an error the first thing you should do is update to PHP 8.2 then create a support ticket if the error persists.

Publisher does not support the Fluid field type. Please do not contact asking when support will be available.

If you purchased an add-on from, be sure to visit to add the license to your account here on


    Date Replies Status
#2902 Upon upgrading 1.7 to 1.92, BaseTable or View Not Found 13 With Customer
#2903 speedy escaping doesn’t work where I think it should. 20 With Customer
#2895 Fragment caching stops working in version 1.9.1 16 With Customer
#2901 Cron not running correctly 30 With Customer


    Date Replies Status
#2792 Publisher redirecting to EN URL title from translated URL title (showing translated content) 5 Backlog
#2774 speedy file driver ‘deleteItem’ not working as the ‘key’ does not include ‘/item’ 3 Backlog

Feature Requests

    Date Replies Status
#2725 Add option to keep Structure tree in sync across all languages based on default language 5 Open


    Date Replies Status
#2596 Deprecation error report when running with php 8.1 7 Resolved
#2623 When Selecting a custom field in “Use this field to check for duplicates”, after save, DG reverts to title 1 Resolved
#2620 Unable to add more than one relationship field entry in a grid field 23 Resolved
#2618 Getting a front-end notification on site when moving from PHP 7.4 to 8.1 2 Resolved
#2622 Import Speed 2 Resolved
#2402 Had custom datatype on previous version of Datagrab, moved folder to updated plugin files, getting errors 7 Resolved
#2612 Import fails 7 Resolved
#2616 After Expression Engine upgrade Datagrab is no longer importing 3 Resolved
#2613 about datagrab and json 1 Resolved
#2611 Error in category Translation 20 Resolved
#2609 Error after updating Bloqs to 5.0.6 7 Resolved
#2610 Entered license number and it’s not taking the license 1 Resolved
#2605 Ignored channel relationship entries showing old publisher content 7 Resolved
#2603 Slow page load when using Structure custom titles 8 Resolved
#2606 Using the relationship field inline editing doesn’t save new content 6 Resolved
#2591 Exception error when saving an entry 5 Resolved
#2592 URL is being appended to a link when cache is overwritten 6 Resolved
#2585 Bloqs does not render in live preview 24 Resolved
#2584 set_ttl with second values or weeks not functioning correctly. 6 Resolved
#2590 Import Does Nothing 7 Resolved
#2608 Can’t clear license key prompt 6 Resolved
#2604 Searching for license 6 Resolved
#2607 If DeepL does not respond in timely fashion API throws exception fault (again) 1 Resolved
#2602 Wrong tab is hidden on entry edit page 1 Resolved
#2601 Notice Undefined index: Relationship_ft 3 Resolved