Our customers love our add-ons.

This should be default EE functionality. Very intuitive and robust interface, does just what you need it to.
We just installed Publisher on a pretty large site, and things worked very smoothly out of the box. It’s a really impressive Add-on that will likely be very useful for a few of our clients. And, support has been fantastic as we’ve had questions.
A client has asked me to localize their EE site that I didn’t build, and I can’t thank you enough for Publisher. So far it’s been absolutely brainless to do something I thought would be pretty complicated. What a thing of beauty!
Can't say enough how great Publisher is for multi-language site development. Loving it!
Shout out to Brian of @boldminded for his AMAZING responsiveness to issues with the excellent Publisher add-on
Custom System Messages is one of those add-ons every EE site needs.
I am so impressed with the features & possibilities of Publisher. Amazing work.
This Extension makes me very very happy! Goodbye ugly native EE message templates and trying to explain “it’s just how EE handles messages…” & hellooo freedom! This is from now on part of our default EE setup! Thank you so much for this!
Snippet Sync is a must have for people who care enough about code to put it in version control. This should be a core feature of EE but Brain steps in and gives us a solution that once it’s setup, just disappears and does its job.


For add-on support or questions, please use the Support section.