Date Replies Status
#1561 HookExecutor class not found 2 Open
#1560 Grid fields are duplicating at each saving of the entry 5 Open
#1518 Update empties Bloq fields draft version 8 Open
#1556 How to avoid landing page redirects? 10 Open
#1540 Publisher completely destroys EE’s Grids in the Backend 14 Open
#1548 Relationsship-file shown in second language even if persistence is off 22 Open
#1538 Warnings/Notices during Publisher Configuration 8 Open


    Date Replies Status
#1441 Relationship data lost in ignored channel after installation 11 Backlog
#1387 Publisher/NavEE 4 Backlog
#1237 Relationship data lost when saving channel entry with Publisher Installed, but disabled 10 Backlog

Feature Requests

    Date Replies Status
#1554 Add {translated_structure_url} to {exp:publisher:languages} 1 Open
#1531 Bloqs Feature Request - Ability To Clone A Block Definition 2 Open
#1507 Disable Entry when already open and disable entry after approval 2 Open
#1498 Ensure Bloqs is MSM compatible 0 Open


    Date Replies Status
#1559 HookExecutor class not found 4 Resolved
#1558 Errors when importing XML with DataGrab 12 Resolved
#1553 Bloqs with similar names display twice 2 Resolved
#1557 hreflang 1 Resolved
#1547 Problems after update to 1.7.5 39 Resolved
#1532 no language-switch-pulldown on single entry 13 Resolved
#1544 Wrong languages error on MSM sites 3 Resolved
#1546 How/Where to approve draft entries? 12 Resolved
#1543 Entries Not Saving, Drafts Likely Issue 12 Resolved
#1552 Can you update all your addon versions on Devot-EE? 1 Resolved
#1551 Channel images translation 3 Resolved
#1539 Relationship Field inside Bloqs with Pubslisher 15 Resolved
#1545 Publisher Releases tab showing an error 1 Resolved
#1496 File upload breaks on MSM 5 Resolved
#1529 High Loading Time for Home Page 9 Resolved
#1541 Bloqs uses EE generic styling classes for JS dragging functionality, which breaks things like Ansel 6 Resolved
#1542 Relationship fields don’t work anymore 12 Resolved
#1521 Upgraded EE from 2.10.1 to 2.11.9 and the white screen of death 2 Resolved
#1515 Publisher messed up my site page templates 11 Resolved
#1513 MySQL Error on Entry Save 2 Resolved
#1536 Re-ordered blocks don’t save if more than one Bloqs field in channel 4 Resolved
#1537 Can’t reorder bloqs elements inside entry or field type 2 Resolved
#1534 “Missing argument 2 for Publisher_channel_categories::category_subtree()” 8 Resolved
#1533 textchanges won’t stick while publisher is active 33 Resolved
#1520 Structure Hide from Nav not working when editing entries 22 Resolved


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