EE4 compatibility updates:

  • Bloqs is EE4 compatible.
  • Custom System Messages is EE4 compatible.
  • Publisher is EE4 compatible, but it does not currently support the Fluid field.
  • Reel is EE4 compatible, but it does not currently support the Fluid field.


    Date Replies Status
#1660 Toggling to another language takes you to the last page that the user is on 13 Open
#1661 Publisher error on search results 1 Open
#1657 Bloqs not saving only on remote environment 28 Open
#1649 Pagination issues on 2nd Language version of site (ee3/publisher/structure) 11 Open
#1656 Edit EN entry to create 2nd language entry inside it end up to show other language entry data in fro 14 Open
#1659 Error in front-end in publisher when dynamic channel queries cache is on 1 Client Wait
#1650 “Call to a member function result() on null” when running blocks_set_block_order hook on ignored cha 24 Client Wait
#1653 Entry saving error with bloqs and radio buttons 4 Client Wait
#1655 Bloqs with 2 relationships not saving in non default language. Using Publisher 2.7.5 3 Open
#1651 Adding new content blocks after update 3 Client Wait
#1626 Diff settings PHP errors 20 Client Wait
#1662 Blocks not saving when multiple tabs are open with edit entries 0 Open


    Date Replies Status
#1387 Publisher/NavEE 6 Backlog
#1633 Clicking back button while in preview produces an iframe effect 1 Backlog
#1608 empty phrases translation get default language value 3 Backlog
#1607 odd warning: “Structure 4.2.2” > Please upgrade to 4.1.18 1 Backlog
#1441 Relationship data lost in ignored channel after installation 11 Backlog
#1237 Relationship data lost when saving channel entry with Publisher Installed, but disabled 10 Backlog

Feature Requests

    Date Replies Status
#1605 Make “send for approval” checked by default 4 Open
#1498 Ensure Bloqs is MSM compatible 1 Open
#1563 Preview draft as a link instead as an iframe in a modal 1 Open
#1507 Disable Entry when already open and disable entry after approval 2 Open


    Date Replies Status
#1648 preview super admin 2 Resolved
#1652 Unknown column ‘exp_channels.field_group’ after installing Publisher 51 Resolved
#1645 Save and Preview - does not work regularly and process is very slow 10 Resolved
#1658 Random bloqs disappearing after saving template 8 Resolved
#1654 Can’t translate category custom fields 8 Resolved
#1636 Bloqs won’t install - HookExecutor Issue 16 Resolved
#1634 Exception Caught 9 Resolved
#1630 Bloqs are not being saved and displayed correctly 21 Resolved
#1619 Installation error 6 Resolved
#1647 bloqs display issue conflict 11 Resolved
#1642 Bloqs crash if the template is to long and you have an if-statement outside of the field 10 Resolved
#1624 Bloqs - Relationship field causes errors on saving 8 Resolved
#1616 Saving entry that has bloq with an empty relationship, bloqs that follow, wont save relationships 4 Resolved
#1646 Few Major issues happening 20 Resolved
#1387 Publisher/NavEE 6 Backlog
#1644 Phrases don’t show translation status and therefore cannot be translated 21 Resolved
#1643 Example Code Not Displaying 6 Resolved
#1641 EE4.0.5 seems to have changed the way channel data is stored, breaking Bloqs? 4 Resolved
#1632 Sort order incorrect, category links missing and pagination not working on a blog category template 41 Resolved
#1640 Slow installation with EE4, Publisher, Bloqs and Structure 2 Resolved
#1639 Disable Preview for certain channels? 2 Resolved
#1638 Painfully slow ee4 / partly related to publisher? 7 Resolved
#1637 php error on entry: Undefined index: field_text_direction 15 Resolved
#1635 Preview template empty after submitting entry for first time 3 Resolved
#1629 error message when edit or create an entry 16 Resolved


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