After April 30, Publisher 1 for ExpressionEngine 2 will become a retired product. It will not receive updates of any kind. All support issues will be directed to upgrade to Publisher 2 for ExpressionEngine 3.

Wyvern Video has been renamed Reel, and is currently being ported to ExpressionEngine 3. Release date TBD.


    Date Replies Status
#1421 Wrong Title/URL titles after installing the publisher !!! 23 Open
#1423 Editor can Publish after creating an entry and saved as a Draft 1 Open
#1422 grid translation issue 6 Open
#1344 MSM & Entry Previews 10 Open
#1419 Relationship in Grid not saving 5 Open
#1414 Wrong URL when switching language 10 Open
#1402 Assets Field disappears in Draft View 54 Open
#1387 Publisher/NavEE 4 Open


    Date Replies Status
#1237 Relationship data lost when saving channel entry with Publisher Installed, but disabled 10 Backlog
#252 Publisher Data Migration Issues with Larger Data Sets 7 Backlog
#1056 In certain cases translated content can be shown on the default language 0 Backlog

Feature Requests

No Tickets Found


    Date Replies Status
#1420 Error when trying to translate category 8 Resolved
#1418 Sticky Forms not working w/Custom System Messages 8 Resolved
#1412 Errors installing Publisher Lite 2 7 Resolved
#1403 We are receiving errors when trying to install Publisher Lite 2. 18 Resolved
#1417 Entry Status is not saved 3 Resolved
#1415 Error creating entry 12 Resolved
#1332 Deleting a Relationship field leaves artifact rows in exp_publisher_relationships 1 Resolved
#1416 Custom System Messages breaks EE2 to EE3 update 1 Resolved
#1278 Publisher tables aren’t updated properly when moving an entry from one channel to another 13 Resolved
#1413 File Asset Link adding unparsed variable to front of URL 3 Resolved
#1400 500 error after disabling publisher (URGENT) 10 Resolved
#1410 Problem with categories in URL and limit 23 Resolved
#1411 Problem with search 5 Resolved
#1393 how do i preview template/randomly showing broken preview 9 Resolved
#1407 Phrases pagination does not show up within a list-group—display is limited to 25 phrases in list 9 Resolved
#1408 Transfer License 7 Resolved
#1409 Failed to update allowed field content 2 Resolved
#1405 Internet Explorer does not remember selected language 4 Resolved
#1399 White screen on login action with CSM 6 Resolved
#1406 Publisher 2.3.0 and Structure 4.0.3 Compatibility Issue - {child:variable} not making translations 1 Resolved
#1404 Wrong version of publisher lite purchased 2 Resolved
#1401 SQL Error upon Draft Submission 5 Resolved
#1378 seo lite default language 76 Resolved
#1398 Getting session permission issues with CSM Installed 4 Resolved
#1391 Pages URI/Template not saving 5 Resolved


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