Publisher 2 now works in EE4, but there are two caveats:

  • It does not support the Fluid field yet.
  • EE search tags currently do not work with new custom fields. Custom fields that existed in EE3 prior to the upgrade should work fine.


    Date Replies Status
#1593 Blocks not saving 30 Open
#1583 Existing entries saved directly to published not updating categories 15 Open
#1591 Error on field creation (Column already exists: 1060 Duplicate column name) and on Entry Save (Colum 12 Open
#1571 Duplicate Phrases across MSM sites cannot be created 20 Open
#1587 Chrome Issue when changing pages via {translated_url} 5 Open
#1585 ansel fields not showing up in drafts? 4 Open
#1578 {translated_url} outputs url of previous page 4 Open


    Date Replies Status
#1441 Relationship data lost in ignored channel after installation 11 Backlog
#1387 Publisher/NavEE 4 Backlog
#1237 Relationship data lost when saving channel entry with Publisher Installed, but disabled 10 Backlog

Feature Requests

    Date Replies Status
#1498 Ensure Bloqs is MSM compatible 1 Open
#1563 Preview draft as a link instead as an iframe in a modal 1 Open
#1507 Disable Entry when already open and disable entry after approval 2 Open


    Date Replies Status
#1592 Simple Search form shows no results when Publisher Enabled 28 Resolved
#1594 the path variable doesn’t parse properly 4 Resolved
#1597 Getting two compatibility items in Publisher Lite ... suspect they are in error but want to confirm 2 Resolved
#1596 Parse template bug 4 Resolved
#1595 Retrieve count outside of specific block tag 3 Resolved
#1576 Publish entry updates wrong column on publisher_titles table 16 Resolved
#1580 Error message upon install 11 Resolved
#1574 SQL Error “Exception Caught” when tying to switch language 44 Resolved
#1590 Multiple emails for “Approval email reply-to” field? 4 Resolved
#1588 Publisher Preview in iFrame is not rendered after clicking “Save & Preview” 4 Resolved
#1538 Warnings/Notices during Publisher Configuration 9 Resolved
#1589 Add-on Compatibility with EE2 2 Resolved
#1579 Not able to save entries as drafts if Publisher’s drafts are disabled 7 Resolved
#1586 js-errors with the releases-fetch in settings 2 Resolved
#1584 File tag pair 7 Resolved
#1582 category_url_title translations in relationship 4 Resolved
#1573 data-publisher-ignored no effect 16 Resolved
#1577 No output for has_newer_draft 7 Resolved
#1581 Authorized Previews no longer working over SSL 4 Resolved
#1575 EE 2.9.2 compatible version 7 Resolved
#1570 How to view DIFF for grids? 6 Resolved
#1564 exp:publisher:languages has a trailing slash only for language “en”, and not for other langs 22 Resolved
#1531 Bloqs Feature Request - Ability To Clone A Block Definition 3 Resolved
#1518 Update empties Bloq fields draft version 25 Resolved
#1543 Entries Not Saving, Drafts Likely Issue 47 Resolved


For add-on support, please use the Support section. General inquries and pre-sale questions can be sent to