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    Date Replies Status
#2760 csv import synchronization freezes 13 With Customer
#2716 Structure Listings not 10 With Customer
#2723 Async Relationships validation blocks the save buttton 5 To Do


    Date Replies Status
#2574 Migration tool for speedy does not account for all ce_cache tags. 3 Backlog
#2659 Draft bloqs are displaying in the Live Preview 0 Backlog
#2588 Live Preview deleting a component does not properly refresh the preview 0 Backlog

Feature Requests

    Date Replies Status
#2759 Sub folder on Grid-fields 3 With Customer
#2725 Add option to keep Structure tree in sync across all languages based on default language 5 Open
#2680 Add support for importing a Relationship field as a column inside a Grid field 3 Open
#2537 Image manipulations with file field in simple grid 1 Open
#2757 Insertion of multiple blocks 0 Open
#2754 Metadata 0 Open
#2627 Some global vars support in Phrases? 0 Open


    Date Replies Status
#2676 Understanding how “Get language from browser” works…? 41 Resolved
#2689 Entries fail to import because of missing IP Address 5 Resolved
#2683 Publisher language bar not initially shown on new entry 4 Resolved
#2684 Import seems to continually run until the main Datagrab page is refreshed 4 Resolved
#2685 Native EE Search/Replace and Blow data? 1 Resolved
#2679 comment_url_title_auto_path links are missing language URL segment 6 Resolved
#2682 DG job looks like it’s running but no entries are added 5 Resolved
#2672 Importing data into CartThrob order items field 19 Resolved
#2678 Unknown model “Site”. Used in model “publisher:Category” for a relationship called “Site”. 6 Resolved
#2677 Datagrab not able to locate import file 7 Resolved
#2675 Can’t import categories with numeric value 8 Resolved
#2656 CartThrob support 6 Resolved
#2673 Breaking deprecation error on switching languages 1 Resolved
#2669 Publisher:Category 10 Resolved
#2674 License issue 3 Resolved
#2671 Ability to change categories delimiters 6 Resolved
#2664 Weird redirection error when browser language does not match default language 4 Resolved
#2660 Can we optimize the data import using DataGrab to prevent time outs and slowness? 3 Resolved
#2670 Access to older versions 3 Resolved
#2668 Importing into Assets field in Grid field after updating DG 6 Resolved
#2667 Auto Translate not translating contents of Wygwam field within a grid. 6 Resolved
#2666 Refreshing a translation returns empty grid fields in entry. 4 Resolved
#2665 UNlisted YOutube 2 Resolved
#2663 Directory access is forbidden. 2 Resolved
#2662 Undefined array key “sitemap__ping_sitemap”. on editing entry 6 Resolved