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    Date Replies Status
#2892 updating from speedy 1.7.0 to 1.9.1 getting errors 11 Open
#2893 AbstractFilesystemDriver error 7 With Customer
#2859 Loss of bloqs data in field when saving 6 With Customer
#2886 Speedy fragment tag and Template Layouts 3 With Customer
#2880 Speedy Redis as Static Not Enabled 5 With Customer


    Date Replies Status
#2792 Publisher redirecting to EN URL title from translated URL title (showing translated content) 5 Backlog
#2774 speedy file driver ‘deleteItem’ not working as the ‘key’ does not include ‘/item’ 3 Backlog

Feature Requests

    Date Replies Status
#2863 Role based approvals 1 With Customer
#2680 Add support for importing a Relationship field as a column inside a Grid field 5 With Customer
#2725 Add option to keep Structure tree in sync across all languages based on default language 5 Open
#2890 Different cache clearing rules for new and updated entries 0 Open
#2889 Pro/Low Variable caching rules 0 Open
#2858 Sort the Cache Clearing Rules 0 Open


    Date Replies Status
#2754 Metadata 1 Resolved
#2627 Some global vars support in Phrases? 1 Resolved
#2764 Restricting YouTube API Key 2 Resolved
#2746 Speedy PHP8.2 deprecation warning messages 8 Resolved
#2762 Error message when clicking on the Bloqs field 27 Resolved
#2760 csv import synchronization freezes 13 Resolved
#2759 Sub folder on Grid-fields 3 Resolved
#2763 Uninstalled Publisher and still redirect to /de 3 Resolved
#2750 Cache clearing rules work for some users but not others 5 Resolved
#2716 Structure Listings not 10 Resolved
#2756 Advanced Categories no_results displayed in publish page 6 Resolved
#2755 Strange error codes in the front end 4 Resolved
#2753 exp:speedy:get_metadata 1 Resolved
#2748 XML sitemaps outputting spanish page_url in other languages 10 Resolved
#2752 Migration from CE_Cache 3 Resolved
#2741 PHP8.2 deprecation warnings 4 Resolved
#2619 Static caching driver limited MSM support 7 Resolved
#2751 FileDriver does not respect the speedy_static_path config item 3 Resolved
#2727 {speedy:set_ttl}{expiration_date}{/speedy:set_ttl} shows error 15 Resolved
#2747 Claim 6 Resolved
#2749 Stumped by one bloq atom working, and another displaying empty 3 Resolved
#2738 SQL Error on Upgrade 4 Resolved
#2745 Please import license from devotee 11 Resolved
#2744 PHP 8.1 Deprecated and Warning notices when saving settings 6 Resolved
#2740 Clarifying Clearing (tags) 3 Resolved