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    Date Replies Status
#2686 Wysiwyg data importing into Grid column behaves differently vs standalone wysiwyg field 6 With Customer
#2690 datagrab does not finish 40 With Customer
#2702 File Bloqs fields cannot use :webp 7 With Customer
#2701 “Remove Translation” removes entry’s grid fields for all languages 3 With Customer
#2699 ee()->publisher_site_pages->get() doesn’t completely follow lang ID parameter 4 To Do
#2697 Upgrading Snaptcha broke a static form on my site. 1 With Customer
#2676 Understanding how “Get language from browser” works…? 41 With Customer
#2688 exp:speedy:clear rendering InvalidArgumentException Caught message 8 With Customer
#2681 Accented Characters Importing as Question Marks 5 With Customer


    Date Replies Status
#2574 Migration tool for speedy does not account for all ce_cache tags. 3 Backlog
#2619 Static caching driver limited MSM support 6 Backlog
#2629 Bloqs filter does not return accurate blocks. 3 Backlog
#2659 Draft bloqs are displaying in the Live Preview 0 Backlog
#2588 Live Preview deleting a component does not properly refresh the preview 0 Backlog

Feature Requests

    Date Replies Status
#2680 Add support for importing a Relationship field as a column inside a Grid field 3 Open
#2568 RTE / Wyvern / Wygwam support for textarea fields 1 Open
#2537 Image manipulations with file field in simple grid 1 Open
#2691 Add URL Title as field to check duplicates against. 0 Open
#2644 Add url-title processing for new entry translation 0 Open
#2627 Some global vars support in Phrases? 0 Open


    Date Replies Status
#2503 Is it possible to prevent / remove translations of url_title? 5 Resolved
#2496 Add “regenerate url title” button next to URL Title and Structure URL Title fields 1 Resolved
#2473 DataGrab: custom title while importing data 2 Resolved
#2485 strpos():Empty Needle 16 Resolved
#2499 Argument 1 passed to Logit_ext::logit() must be of the type array, string given, called in user/addons/logit/ext.logit.php 3 Resolved
#2484 Is it possible to set up / use a DeepL Glossary? 9 Resolved
#2498 Where does Publisher store Grid data fields? 2 Resolved
#2488 Deprecated: Automatic conversion of false to array is deprecated 8 Resolved
#2497 Suggestions for how to add language reflecting links to RTE fields… 2 Resolved
#2494 Is there a way to link Publisher to Low Variables content? 2 Resolved
#2495 File fieldtype value not inserting. 2 Resolved
#2493 Wierd stuff happening with latest builds :( 14 Resolved
#2492 Hitting Auto-Translate on a Phrase when there is no content in the default language input triggers an exception crash 2 Resolved
#2490 When API key is consumed during translation attempt publisher throws an exception 6 Resolved
#2491 Ignores -> Fields doesn’t appear to work with Auto-Translate 3 Resolved
#2489 Issues encountered when multiple sessions running to same server running on same browser 3 Resolved
#2477 2 or more category groups gives PHP warning 5 Resolved
#2487 Trim leading / trailing spaces before submitting text to DeepL auto translate? 2 Resolved
#2481 Scrolling bug when viewing grid fields 11 Resolved
#2486 Translation working on all pages except home page… 6 Resolved
#2483 Publisher allows use of language codes that crash DeepL ... 7 Resolved
#2482 Declaration of Publisher_channel_categories::category_subtree 3 Resolved
#2480 DeepL Auto-Translate introduces spurious returns translating RTE field with bullets 9 Resolved
#2479 Relationship error after EE 5-6 upgrade 8 Resolved
#2474 DataGrab: importing data into Grid field 24 Resolved