Support Terms & Conditions

All BoldMinded, LLC add-ons comes with free 30 day support period beginning after the inital purchase. If the reported issue is cleary an issue with BoldMinded add-ons, we will attempt to fix the issue within a timely manor, free of charge to the customer.

Support is only provided for add-ons installed in official releases of ExpressionEngine. This does not include forks or individually maintained ExpressionEngine repositories.

BoldMinded reserves the right to suspend support at any time and ask the customer to pay an additional $50 per hour of support in the occurance of any scenario noted below. Fees will be invoiced and payable by credit card.

Scenarios which may require a support fee:

  • If the reported issue is suspected to be a conflict with another add-on, or an extreme edge case from a combination of add-ons or conflicts resulting from custom template or add-on development from the customer.
  • If BoldMinded, LLC is unable to replicate the issue in a local development environment as described by the customer, thus requiring FTP access to the site to diagnose and fix the issue.
  • If the issue relates to an add-on not owned by BoldMinded and requires FTP access to the site, or involves installing a copy of the site locally, to diagnose and fix the issue.
  • If the reported issue is after the free 30 day support period.
  • If support is provided, and it is determined that the issue is caused by a change made in a forked or locally modified version of the add-on or ExpressionEngine itself.

Customers will be notified if a support issue requires an additional fee before work is done to diagnose and/or fix the issue.

Plainly said, BoldMinded, LLC reserves the right to ask for compensation for time spent diagnosing what is clear or suspected conficts with other 3rd party add-ons, or if the issue relates to other 3rd party add-ons and requires excessive time and effort to investigate. If after diagnosis it is determined that it is not a conflict with an add-on but an issue with BoldMinded add-ons, then no extra fees will be required of the customer. In many cases bugs reported after the free 30 day support period will still be addressed, free of charge, if BoldMinded can replicate the issue in local development environments.

Clean ExpressionEngine Debugging Environments

At any time BoldMinded may ask the customer to re-create the reported issue in a new/clean ExpressionEngine environment involving any issue with BoldMinded add-ons. Support may be withheld until this new/clean environment is created, and FTP and CP access is provided to BoldMinded, with clear directions on how to re-create the issue. This environment should contain only the entries, categories, templates and add-ons to recreate the issue. While this may take some extra time for the customer to setup, it helps expedite the support issue. Many times when this process is done it is determined that it may not be an add-on issue at all, BoldMinded or otherwise, but instead an implementation issue by the customer or server environment issue.

Conflict Resolution

An ExpressionEngine add-on is distributed software. It is vulnerable to a very wide variety of server configurations, and potential conflicts with other add-ons within the ExpressionEngine environment. For this reason, BoldMinded can not guarantee conflict resolution as part the free support period. BoldMinded does its best to test its add-ons with other popular third-party add-ons, however, it is impossible to test with all of them, especially given the wide scope in which many of them can be implemented and modified in ExpressionEngine. In the event a conflict is suspected, the customer will be asked to setup a clean ExpressionEngine environment (see above) to replicate the issue with only the BoldMinded add-on, and the suspected conflict add-on installed. If the issue can not be replicated in this environment, BoldMinded reserves the right to not provide support, or may charge the $100 support fee to investigate the issue. The following support issues are examples of such scenarios:

FTP and Control Panel Access

Customers agree that FTP and Control Panel access will not be provided for production (live) websites. BoldMinded will not debug any support issue in a production environment. All credentials provided by the customer will be for development or clean debugging environments only. Customer assumes all responsibility when sharing login information. Logging into a customer's ExpressionEngine admin panel or server is only done when all regular methods of support have been exhausted. BoldMinded will work with the customer through the support section of this site to help debug and resolve the issue. In most cases, BoldMinded will replicate the issue in a local environment to avoid accessing provided control panel and FTP servers if at all possible. The customer will be responsible for implementing suggested fixes or updating to newer builds of add-ons provided by BoldMinded.

BoldMinded shall not be held liable for claims, damages, or other liabilities arising from, out of, or in connection with sharing control panel or FTP login credentials.

ExpressionEngine and Add-on Versions

ExpressionEngine 7

BoldMinded add-ons are only supported on ExpressionEngine versions no more than 1 behind the latest version stable release. For example, if ExpressionEngine 7.1 is the latest version, then all BoldMinded add-ons are only supported on 7.0 and 7.1.

ExpressionEngine 6 (LTS)

For the first time in ExpressionEngine's history we have a long term support version. BoldMinded add-ons will remain v6 compatible, but we will only offer support the latest release of ExpressionEngine 6. For example, if a customer is still running EE 6.2, and 6.3 or 6.4 is the latest minor release version, the customer will need to upgrade to that latest version to receive add-on support. If a customer submits an issue using ExpressionEngine 5.x, BoldMinded will not address the issue until ExpressionEngine is upgraded to at least the latest version of ExpressionEngine 6.

Old versions of BoldMinded add-ons will not be supported under any circumstances. In order to receive support, the customer must be using the latest stable version of the add-on in which they are seeking support for. BoldMinded will not patch old versions of add-ons for customers.

Free Trials

Free trials do not come with support. You are free to submit tickets if you encounter a bug, but it will be low priority and there is no guarantee we will respond. Read more about free trials.