Easily import data into ExpressionEngine channel entries

Easy. Imports are set-up using a simple step-by-step interface.

Powerful. Batch importing can support very large datasets.

Flexible. Supports multiple import file formats and field types.

Proven. DataGrab has been the defacto import module for over 10 years.

Why use DataGrab?

  • Import initial content into a new site
  • Keep data in sync with other systems – synchronise product stock or price details with an external system
  • Continuously aggregate data from various sources and APIs
  • Harness ExpressionEngine’s powerful, built-in functionality (flexible templating, search, archives) – DataGrab makes your data easily available as a channel entry
  • Subsequent runs of the import can update values that have changed

Key Features

Improved Interface

DataGrab has been updated to fully support ExpressionEngine 6 and the control panel interface.

Everything is batched

Starting with DataGrab 4, every import is a batch operation. The default is to import 1 entry at a time, and the import operation will run until every entry is imported. Batch importing in smaller amounts helps alleviate server timeout issues for large data sets and ensures your imports are successful.

Supports multiple formats

Import data from a variety of file formats such as XML, CSV, JSON, and WordPress. Or optionally add your own format if required.

Fieldtype support

All of ExpressionEngines native field types are supported out of the box, including File, Relationships, Grid, Fluid, and a variety of popular 3rd party fields. Third-party add-on support depends on a number of factors including demand and feasibility. Best efforts are made to support as many third-party add-ons as possible.

Other key features

  • Map data values to a channel’s custom fields
  • Create and assign categories to each entry
  • Assign entries to an author
  • Imports can be saved and re-run
  • Entries can be updated if the source data changes — keep data synchronised
  • Fetch and import images from other sites

Compatibility: EE6, EE7

This add-on comes with an optional 1 year renewal fee of $40.00. Read more about renewals.