Detailed logging of all control panel actions

Logit provides detailed logging of all control panel actions in ExpressionEngine. It logs information on nearly every action performed in the control panel. Know who created, updated, or deleted every entry, member, template, category, and when. Logit will even log when an add-on is installed, removed, or when it's settings have been changed. With Logit, there is no need to guess at who took what actions and when. You'll have a long audit trail to keep you sane and your legal and security teams happy.

Logs files are inherently boring, but here is a preview anyway...

Key Features

Log all the things!

Log when any of the following are created, updated, or deleted:

Category, Category Field, Category Group, Channel, Channel Field, Channel Entry, Channel Form Settings, Channel Layout, Comment, Global Variable, Site Settings, Snippet, Specialty Template, Statuses, Template, Template Group, Template Route, Member, Member Role.

Log rotation

By default, Logit keeps all logs forever. You can optionally rotate your logs every X days.

Log backups

When a log rotation is performed the old logs will be saved in your system/user/cache/logit directory by default. You can define a different local directory, or save them to a remote S3 bucket.

Remote backups

Logit comes with an AWS S3 backup option. Create an S3 bucket, assign the proper permissions, and enter the config into Logit’s settings for remote backups when a rotation happens.

Log details

Along with logging who did what and when, you can enable detailed logging, which will save a JSON object of the entity to clearly see what was saved.

Compatibility: EE6, EE7

This add-on comes with an optional 1 year renewal fee of $20.00. Read more about renewals.