All BoldMinded add-ons come with an optional 1 year renewal fee. What this means is that every initial add-on purchase is valid for 1 year. You have unlimited access to download all releases of that add-on until 1 year after the initial purchase date. After 1 year you will need to purchase a license renewal to continue downloading the add-on.

Why do I need to renew?

Your initial purchase goes towards the initial add-on development and support from BoldMinded. Generally most support issues arise within 1-3 months of the initial purchase. During the course of a year an add-on may receive many bug fixes and features. Providing those bug fixes and features 3 years after the intial purchase for free is not a sustainable business model, especially if more support is needed. The renewal fee goes towards the continued development and support of the add-on.

Do I have to renew?

No, you don't. If your site is humming along fine after a year the renewal is completely optional. The add-ons will not stop working and you are free to use the most recent version you have access to in your account until the end of time (so long as you are abiding by the original license agreement). If you decide you need to upgrade the add-on for any particular reason after the initial 1 year, then you will need to renew.

Is software renewal common?

Yes, very much so. In fact we setup renewals when our add-ons were originally sold on Devot:ee and have continued the same policy here. We have carried over the original purchase dates from orders placed on Devot:ee to our site. So an order originally placed on Devot:ee may indeed expire and require a renewal on You can read more about Devot:ee's policy here.