Your ExpressionEngine AI Assistant.

Carson leverages AI to help you improve, change, or just find the right words for your content on the fly.

Key Features

Generate SEO meta data

Use the Carson SEO field to generate meta data based on your entry content. Works with SEO Lite and SEEO modules, or custom fields you’ve created to managed your SEO meta data.

Omni Field

The Carson Omni field attaches to every Text, Textarea, or Rich Text Editor fields that appear in your entry. It even works on fields inside a Grid, Fluid, or Bloqs field.

Translate Content

Carson works directly with the Publisher and Transcribe modules to provide contextual translations for multilingual content. If you’re not using Publisher or Transcribe you can define which languages are available in the Omni menu.

Custom Prompts

Don’t like the default prompts? You can hide parts of the Omni menu and define your own. The possibilities are endless! Narf!

OpenAI Settings

Choose from ChatGPT 3.5 or 4.0 models, or tweak the request settings.

Compatibility: EE7

This add-on comes with an optional 1 year renewal fee of $20.00. Read more about renewals.