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Ticket: Bloqs keeps generating developer logs even though no missing tag pair is found in the template

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Bloqs 5.06
EE Version 7.2.11

Dan Munday

Mar 13, 2023

I am unsure if this is a bug, or probably the add-on is over-sensitive.
I want to report it here anyway.

Bloqs keep generating developer logs in the system, and the amount could go up to thousands.
The message is: Attempting to render a block from entry #1222, but the template tag pair needs to be included. Add {embed_videos}{/embed_videos} to your _site/index template to correct this error.

I checked the template code, and it does have all the tag pairs; the entry does have the corresponding block and the template can render the page correctly.
In short, all the front-end pages are being rendered as expected, except for all the logs that ask me to add the tag pair in the template.



BoldMinded (Brian)

Issue appears to be related to draft blocks. As mentioned in the Slack thread your best bet for now is to just disable the logging. I’ll take a look at this at some point, but it could be awhile b/c I have other priorities.

For future reference if anyone finds this thread:

$config[‘bloqs_disable_logging’] = true;


Dan Munday

Hi Brian,

I tried to put this line under System>user>config>config.php but it returns errors. So which file I should go to?


Dan Munday

Ah it works. Sorry about that. It did not work because it is a smart quote.

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