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Ticket: comment_url_title_auto_path links are missing language URL segment

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Publisher 3.10
EE Version 7.2.17

Hop Studios

May 15, 2023

I see that this was a problem back in 2012, but was resolved back then. May be re-introduced?

I have a simple exp:channel:entries loop with the title and comment_url_title_auto_path; all links generated are missing the /fr language segment.
Links generated with url_title_path=‘blog/entry’ work correctly.
The comment path in Channel settings is set to


BoldMinded (Brian)

Is French your default or non-default language?


BoldMinded (Brian)

Also, can you share a screenshot of your URL Translation settings?


BoldMinded (Brian)

I think this still works fine, but I can’t seem to find the Comment Page URL setting mentioned in the docs

So I set the Channel URL setting to a valid value and it translated it fine. If the Comment Page URL value isn’t found, then Publisher uses the Channel URL value instead. Given this, and the fact that it ended up translating fine, I don’t see anything Publisher is doing incorrectly. This more seems to be an issue of the Comment Page URL variable apparently not existing anymore??


Hop Studios

French is a second language, English is set as the default. As a note, all other pages and URLs using path= are translating properly, I only noticed that it wasn’t working with this one specific tag. I can’t say with certainty if it was working properly before we updated to EE7, so you may be on the right track with the Comment Page URL not existing.

URL Translation settings:

Interestingly, I discovered today that this does not work:

But this DOES work:

Site URL is set to the same value as in the screenshot.


BoldMinded (Brian)

Any reason you can’t change that variable to use a normal {path} tag?


Hop Studios

No reason not to use it, that’s what I’m doing now to fix the problem. Reported what I thought was a bug, but if Comment Page URL has been deprecated then it looks like there’s no problem with Publisher. 😊

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