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Ticket: Weird redirection error when browser language does not match default language

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Publisher 3.9.3
EE Version 7.2.15

Hop Studios

Apr 21, 2023

Finally found out how to recreate this weird redirection issue that 2 of our clients are complaining about… here are the steps:
- On a website that has Publisher installed and several languages configured
- Use a brand new Chrome browser (not guest)
- In Settings, set the default language (move to top) of the browser to a non-default language that’s enabled on your website
- Go to the website, and you will see a brief message complaining about redirecting too many times for a few seconds than you can see the website

If you have Deutch (de) enabled (but not as default)) for your website, you can use this checker website to see the redirection error here: (the default user agent uses de as priority language)
Our results are quite consistent, with 19 redirects before reaching the site.

Here are the URL translations settings
Enable URL translations
Add URL Prefix
Add URL prefix to the homepage (turning this off also prevents the redirection but it leaves the links on the homepage untranslated somehow)
Hide the prefix for default language

For now, I’ve commented out the bit of code in Session.php around // See if we found something from the browser headers.

- Gil


BoldMinded (Brian)

Have you tried going to the General Settings > Browser and disabling “Get language from browser”?


Hop Studios

Hmm… that also removes the redirection. Any chance we can make that have that on but not cause the redirection loop?

  • Gil

BoldMinded (Brian)

Many things can cause a redirection loop. Have you looked t the Network tab and the headers of each redirect? Every time Publisher performs a redirect it adds an “X-Publisher-Redirect:” header that should identify what and why it’s performing a redirect.


BoldMinded (Brian)

Were you able to identify the redirection issue? I’m going to close this ticket, feel free to re-open it if you can provide more information.

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