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Ticket: When Selecting a custom field in “Use this field to check for duplicates”, after save, DG reverts to title

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version DataGrab 4.2.1
EE Version 6.4.4


Mar 04, 2023

When choose a custom field in “Use this field to check for duplicates” , Datagrab doesn’t appear to save the selection. (

To Reproduce:  Set up an import, choose a Custom field to use to check for duplicates. save your import, and then open it back up and that field wil have reverted to “Title”



BoldMinded (Brian)

Mar 07, 2023

I’m actually unable to replicate this. You’re also a point release behind. Don’t know if upgrading will fix it but that should be the first step. If it still doesn’t work can you please share a video of the issue so I can see what you’re seeing?

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