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Ticket: Upgrade MSM

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version DataGrab Latest
EE Version 7.2.8

Cameron Ross

Feb 03, 2023


I have a MSM site set up

I have content in my parent site

On my msm site (spanish version of the parent english site) i have a relationship that relates to the equivalent parent english version of the entry

My spanish content (msm site) is already entered on the cms. if i use datagrab can i just update 1 or 2 fields only? So if i do not map certain fields they will be ignored or are they wiped/overwritten with an empty value?

Can i import a relationship field (using title) on my spanish site that relates to an entry on the parent english site?





BoldMinded (Brian)

Feb 03, 2023

1. Yes, you can selectively update 1, 2 or however many fields on an entry, it doesn’t have to be a full replacement of all the values.

2. Honestly I don’t know if that cross site relationship will work. It should recognize the site_id property in your import file (json, xml etc) and assign it to the entry.


Cameron Ross

Feb 08, 2023


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