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Ticket: Fail to open error

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version DataGrab 4.2.1
EE Version 7.2.6

John Faulds

Jan 16, 2023

I’m failing at the first step of configuring an import. I’ve tried with both XML and CSV files exported from Smart Export Pro.

I can visit the URLs of the files that Datagrab says it can’t open in a browser and they’ll open in the browser (or force a download in the case of CSV).

I’ve tried attaching a sample CSV to the Image field below (I’ll find out in a moment if it’s limited to image file extensions).

I’ve read the troubleshooting steps linked to from below but I don’t have a DataGrab-import.log file in /system/user/cache. I only have datagrab_last_ping which contains:


I’ve also tried adding $config[‘datagrab_log_type’] = ‘developer’ to my config file but don’t get anything showing in the developer log in the CP either.

I don’t have FTP details to give you because this is only a local project.

I’m trying to rebuild a site with a completely fresh database (hence wanting to use Datagrab to import all the entries) because too many bugs have crept into the database over the years that it’s been updated from v2.x.


BoldMinded (Brian)

Hi John. Do you care to share the links to the import files so I can take a look? I can’t really do much if I can’t see what you’re looking at.

Did you try downloading the file and configuring the import with a local file just for testing?

99% of the time when this happens its not a DataGrab issue, it’s something with the file, or the server (a simple http auth can stop it’s loading).


John Faulds

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BoldMinded (Brian)

What have you tried to debug it? Have you tried just a 10 to sample of the file? Have you tried removing that last column with the big json objects?


BoldMinded (Brian)

I was able to read the file fine locally. Can you please provide screenshots or video of what you’re seeing?

I am seeing issues with the import though, the url_title’s are not valid.

00:07:38 01/17/2023 Import #29 Started
00:07:38 01/17/2023 Import #29 Initialized
00:07:38 01/17/2023 Calling ajw_datagrab_pre_import() hook.
00:07:38 01/17/2023 Begin Importing [Zuta]
00:07:38 01/17/2023 Calling ajw_datagrab_modify_data_end() hook.
00:07:41 01/17/2023 [Zuta] is a new entry
00:07:41 01/17/2023 Import error with entry Zuta with the url_title field: This field may only contain alpha-numeric characters, underscores, dashes, periods, and emojis.
00:07:41 01/17/2023 Calling ajw_datagrab_post_import() hook.
00:07:43 01/17/2023 Calling ajw_datagrab_pre_import() hook.
00:07:43 01/17/2023 Begin Importing [Woodland Ferns]
00:07:43 01/17/2023 Calling ajw_datagrab_modify_data_end() hook.
00:07:43 01/17/2023 [Woodland Ferns] is a new entry

BoldMinded (Brian)

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John Faulds

It seems the problem is with the local version of my site. I’ve uploaded Datagrab to the production server and it can read the CSV files fine.


John Faulds

Production is running EE 6.3.5.


BoldMinded (Brian)

I’m going to close this ticket as it appears to be an environment specific issue if it works on one server but not another.


BoldMinded (Brian)

FWIW I tested locally in 7.2.6 as well. So if it’s working for me, and it’s working in your prod environment, then there is something blocking reading the file in your local env. DataGrab doesn’t have any EE version checking logic either.


BoldMinded (Brian)

I also just quickly configured it in a local EE 6 environment and imported several entries.

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