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Ticket: Grid Field Assigned Values Not Saving

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version DataGrab 4.1.0
EE Version 7.1.6


Oct 24, 2022

Thanks for your help on the XML parser issue and sorry to come back with another question so quickly but, DataGrab doesn’t want to save my configuration for importing data from an XML file into a Grid file.

—XML File:
—Grid file contains 3 columns and the data will populate a select menu for 2 languages: (1) key [text] (2) English label [text]; and (3) Japanese label [text].

I wonder if it’s because DataGrab is expecting a different XML data structure? The XML file is an export from an EE 2.11.9 website, using Zealous Web’s SmartExport plug, v2.0.0.1 which seems to be the latest version for EE2. Maybe the Grid file structure has changed since EE v2?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!


BoldMinded (Brian)

If I remember correctly it doesn’t like xml nodes 3 levels deep, 2 is as deep as it goes. This is something I need to figure out how to refactor. Until then are you able to restructure the xml so those grid values aren’t as deep?


BoldMinded (Brian)

Actually I just tested this locally and it appears to work just fine?

(ignore the column names, I’m just re-using an existing Grid field)



Thanks Brian, good to know it should work. Here’s what I tried:

—Adding another Grid field to the Channel and importing data from the same XML file, using the same data nodes. That didn’t work; the configuration didn’t save. —Adding random text fields to the Channels and again, assigning the same XML file and data nodes to these fields.

Funny enough, DataGrab now saves the configuration. For some reason, DataGrab doesn’t like only having Grid fields in the Channel? Adding other non-Grid fields to the Channel works. Here’s a screenshot of that setup, if it helps:

But again, maybe this is just something weird on my end. And you can close this ticket.

Thanks again!

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