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Ticket: Auto-translating RTE Field simplifies links

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Publisher 3.8.0
EE Version 6.3.5

Gavin @ JCOGS

Oct 21, 2022

Have link in RTE - work just fine in default language but if you translate the RTE both are affected in ways that are unhelpful.

In the default language it looks like this:

<a data-bs-target="#modalDropshipping" data-bs-toggle="modal" href="{site_url}ecommerce#">plataformas de dropshipping</a>

If I auto-translate this to another language (e.g. english) the resulting link looks like this:

<a href="{site_url}ecommerce#">dropshipping platforms</a>

As you can see the data-* attributes have been removed from the translated version of the link. In this instance (the link opens a modal) this has the effect of ‘breaking’ the link.

I am guessing this is a DeepL quirk, have not tried to see if Google is any better - but is an unhelpful / unnnecessary change.


BoldMinded (Brian)

My guess is this is a DeepL issue…. Not sure I can do much about that.


Gavin @ JCOGS

I think I’ve found out what this is: I think it is a quirk in the ‘retranslate this entry’ operation. I think what was happening is that ‘retranslate’ uses a (presumably) cached copy of the text that was originally translated from when that first happened, not from the current state of the default text. When I deleted the translation and then made a new one the attributes were carried through to the translated version.


BoldMinded (Brian)

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