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Ticket: Free trail of publisher with fresh install of EE

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Publisher 3.8.1
EE Version 7.1.6


Oct 21, 2022


I am completely new to EE, we’re looking for a new CMS that will support multiple languages and I came across Publisher as an addon - however as soon as I have enabled the addon from the backend the following error is displayed.

Maybe I am missing something extremely obvious. I’ve read and followed the install instructions and I have also done another install on a different domain with different PHP and mysql versions and I’m getting the same problem.

I am currently using both the free version of EE and the trial of Publisher. I want to make sure it will work before committing to purchasing the addon.

Thanks in advance.



Error Caught
Call to a member function getId() on null

Stack Trace: Please include when reporting this error

    #0 user/addons/publisher/upd.publisher.php(115): BoldMinded\Publisher\Service\Handler\FieldHandler->call()
    #1 ee/legacy/libraries/addons/Addons_installer.php(72): Publisher_upd->install()
    #2 ee/legacy/libraries/addons/Addons_installer.php(327): Addons_installer->install_module()
    #3 ee/legacy/libraries/addons/Addons_installer.php(37): Addons_installer->_update_addon()
    #4 ee/ExpressionEngine/Controller/Addons/Addons.php(1367): Addons_installer->install()
    #5 ee/ExpressionEngine/Controller/Addons/Addons.php(549): ExpressionEngine\Controller\Addons\Addons->installModule()
    #6 [internal function]: ExpressionEngine\Controller\Addons\Addons->install()
    #7 ee/ExpressionEngine/Core/Core.php(268): call_user_func_array()
    #8 ee/ExpressionEngine/Core/Core.php(124): ExpressionEngine\Core\Core->runController()
    #9 ee/ExpressionEngine/Boot/boot.php(184): ExpressionEngine\Core\Core->run()
    #10 dvg.php(139): require_once('...')
    #10 dvg.php(139): require_once('...')



BoldMinded (Brian)

Oct 21, 2022

Hi Richie. Welcome to ExpressionEngine 😊 I usually don’t support the free trials but since you have a clear error message I’ll take a look. What version of PHP do you have?


BoldMinded (Brian)

Oct 21, 2022

Actually this looks like a different issue… a slight regression from some new code. The next comment will contain a link to a new build.


BoldMinded (Brian)

Oct 21, 2022

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BoldMinded (Brian)

Oct 21, 2022

You might also have to run all these queries on your database at the same time to force remove Publisher b/c you might be stuck in a half installed state.

delete from exp_extensions where class = 'Publisher_ext';
delete from exp_modules where module_name = 'Publisher';

  WHERE table_name LIKE 'exp_publisher_%'
) a INTO @mystmt;

PREPARE mystatement FROM @mystmt;
EXECUTE mystatement;

BoldMinded (Brian)

Oct 21, 2022

So to be clear, copy/paste those queries into SequelAce, phpMyAdmin or a similar tool and execute them all at the same time. Drop in the new build files and try to re-install again.

Sorry this happened to you :(



Oct 24, 2022

Good morning Brian,

Thanks for the update, I’ll let you know once I’ve had the chance to make the changes.


Richie 😉

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