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Ticket: Allow atomless bloqs or include the new Notes field

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Bloqs 4.12.5
EE Version 6.3.4


Jul 08, 2022

Hi there,

by default a new bloq includes an atom that cannot be deleted.

I have found in my usage of bloqs for some components they don’t need an editable values. So a signup banner bloq is set in the template file, there is no need for editing.

In the UI, for the bloq I then rename the default text field to “null field” with a description of, field not used.

It would be great not have fields in a bloq for a cleaner look. I have had a client question, why is there a field there if is does nothing!

I can understand that removing the atom would create more problems for the integrity of a bloq, so the alternative I was thinking is, allow the use of the notes field. This will keep the integrity of always having one atom for a bloq, but eliminate a “random” field being seen in the UI.


BoldMinded (Brian)

If I’m understanding correctly, you can create a single atom in a bloq with the short name “__hidden” and it won’t display any atoms in the bloq. Each bloq is required to have a at least 1 atom, but making one __hidden works around that.



Awesome thanks. That does hide the field.

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