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Ticket: Simple Table inside Bloqs is only outputting raw data and not the table structure itself

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Simple Grids & Tables 1.4.3
EE Version 6.2.4

John Derrick

Jan 26, 2022

I have created a Simple Table inside a Bloqs and named it ‘table_grid_block” with a field of ‘table_block”. My template code looks like this:



              {if is_first_row}


              {if:elseif is_last_row}







The output is working for the raw data that is input into the backend, but the table structure seen in the template isn’t outputting at all. No ‘tr’ and no ‘td’ - even the ‘table’ tag is missing from the output.

I have attached several screenshots showing the output, the entry data as seen in the CP, and the code I have in my bloqs template.



John Derrick

The example above stripped out the HTML… see my screenshot please for the code example I’m using.


John Derrick

Simple Grid does the same thing, it strips the ‘tr’ and ‘td’ and doesn’t place the ‘table’ tag.


John Derrick

Ah, I have to actually include the ‘table’ tag to make it output those elements. That makes sense because it means you can use the field for other purposes beyond tables, etc. That’s perfect because that’s exactly what I need it for (something outside a table that repeats). Thank you for this! Makes Bloqs even more powerful.


BoldMinded (Brian)

Glad you figured it out 😊

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