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Ticket: Auto-detect the language when viewing revisions

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Publisher x
EE Version 5

BoldMinded (Brian)

Nov 10, 2020

When you load any page without a lang_id parameter, it auto-selects the language based on a cookie. /cp/publish/edit/entry/78270 might show different editors different languages based on that, which might make debugging a little confusing. But on top of that, (say you’re viewing English), if you go to revisions and click on a revision for a different language (i.e. Revision #6 - 10/30/2020 11:04 AM is for FR), then /cp/publish/edit/entry/78270&version=32275 loads in French content, but it’s not obvious that you’re still on the English page. So if you click Save now, it overwrites the English content even though at a glance it looks like you’re viewing French. Is there a way to auto-select the language that a revision is for so we can’t overwrite another language’s entry?


BoldMinded (Brian)

Nov 11, 2020

Added in the 3.2+ release

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