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Ticket: Ansel images not showing in Bloq

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Bloqs 4.2.3
EE Version 5.3.0

Johan Hedin

Apr 18, 2020

Hello, I use the Ansel addon and it works just fine with Bloqs front end. But in live preview the images that are in Bloq doesn’t show. This is a rather important feature for my clients.. I don’t understand why it breaks when the images show just fine on the front.

I created some very simple templates just to be sure that I didn’t complicate things with conditionals etc, but the images or the image URLs still doesn’t show in preview.

Best regards,


BoldMinded (Brian)

Unfortunately this isn’t a Bloqs issue. Ansel needs to support Bloqs, and the preview image issue is a know issue that affects Assets as well, even if it isn’t in Bloqs (same thing happens in Grid). There isn’t anything I can do about it, sorry.

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