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Ticket: Snippet Sync only refreshing snippets when cp is refreshed

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version
Severity Critical
EE Version 17

Bryant Hughes

Oct 02, 2012

I tried to re-open this ticket, but it didn’t seem to be working:

Anyway, same issue going on here. 

I set the debug to 2 with that not working.

My folder structure looks like: /templates/default_site/_snippets/default_site/site/snippet_1.html and the snippet_basepath config variable is set to: ‘snippet_file_basepath’ => NSM_BASEPATH . ‘/templates/default_site/_snippets’

Any thoughts?



BoldMinded (Brian)

Oct 03, 2012

Have you tried to move the snippets outside of the templates folder? Perhaps at the same level of templates instead of inside it?


Bryant Hughes

Oct 03, 2012

Stupid mistake on my part and I had the config debug variable being set in a few places and my original debug=“1” wasn’t being recognized.  We’re all good over here.  Thanks!

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