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Ticket: Redirect on template from one language to an other

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Publisher 2.11.2
EE Version 5.3

Werner Gusset

Jan 22, 2020

We have a project where there was the second language English active for a short while. The default language is German and should be for the moment the only language. English is deactivated now.

Unfortunatly Google has the English Home link /en indexed among e few others /en URLS.
Now we have some of the false /en URLs redirected to the correct German page. So far so good.

But I am stucked with the redirect of the link to I can not do that in the htaccess because of the other /en URLs we have redirects for.

Can I redirect on our home template from /en to /de? And how would I do that?


BoldMinded (Brian)

Hi, Werner. This doesn’t sound like a fault or bug in Publisher. Sounds more like a custom scenario that you’ll need to work out on your own. You can try something like this, but this is about as much as I can suggest {if segment_1 == “” && publisher:current_language_code == “en”} {redirect=”/de”} {/if}


Werner Gusset

Hi Brian, I know that it is not a bug of Publisher, that’s why it is a general question. Just thought you might know something out of experience. Your suggestion does not work. And I can now understand why. If there is no English language then there will not be an “en” value. Besides, /de is not a segment for EE redirects.

But it’s ok, I will sort it out myself.

Thanks for your time.

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