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Ticket: Problems editing text areas

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Nick Cobley

Aug 29, 2012

Hi there,

New to Super Globals, thought we would give it a try. Using the lastest version with EE 2.5.2.

First time I put in content and save a text area field all is good. If I go to edit it however it goes horribly wrong. It’s very hard to explain, but let’s say I put the cursor at the to left of the box and hit enter, I get a copy of all the text in a light grey colour move down as expected, with the original text represented in the orignal colour.

Check the attached screen shot to see what I mean. The lighter grey text is what is the text after I popped in some new line returns, with the original text represented in a darker colour.

I’ve I’ve got more than a line or two in there, it’s impossible to edit as the original copy is darker than the new copy.

Changing the syntax makes no difference at all.

I’ve tried this in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, all on OS X. Same result in all of them.

No idea what I’m missing!



BoldMinded (Brian)

The Super Globals module is being discontinued. I’ve been incredibly busy the last couple of weeks and have not had a chance to update/announce anything. I recommend using Low Variables instead. While its a bit more expensive, it is much more robust than the Super Globals model. The Super Globals extension will still be for sale though.

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