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Ticket: Disabled check boxes and layouts not showing

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Allan Kukral

Aug 10, 2012

Structure 3.3.2
Blueprints 2.0.1
EECMS 2.5.2
Fresh install

No matter what I click on the Publish Layout setup it disables the rest of the check boxes. I am unable to check more than one layout or more than one user group.

Also, the layouts that have put into Blueprints are not all available on the Structure entry page. Only one of the three is available. They are all only using 1 template, is that my issue?


BoldMinded (Brian)

The JS is a bit funky for the checkboxes, I’m contemplating just removing it entirely though.

What does your settings page and template dropdown/carousel look like on the publish page? Can you email screenshots? litzinger at gmail dot com


Jesse Knowles

I’ve got this exact same problem. Just added a support ticket for it.


BoldMinded (Brian)

Should be fixed in 2.0.2.

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