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Ticket: Bad variable name in navee_pages.php (line 155) causes PHP errors in Link dialog box

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version
Severity Trivial
EE Version 17

Ed Jordan

Jul 03, 2012

After upgrading Wyvern, I suddenly saw PHP errors listed in the Link dialog box citing a bad variable name navee_pages.php, line 155.

I went to line 155 in the navee_pages.php source and changed $pages to $site_pages. That seemed to fix the problem.

if (count($site_pages)>0){ // user changed $pages to $site_pages



BoldMinded (Brian)

Did you upgrade the boldminded_themes folder as well? Line 155 of the latest version of that file does not have a $pages variable on it.


Ed Jordan

I just checked the source that I unzipped locally, and it still does have the $pages variable at line 155.

My file system shows that I downloaded at 10:56am EDT this morning.

I don’t know why my copy doesn’t have the fix….


BoldMinded (Brian)

Ed, email me via the Contact page and I’ll shoot you a new version that has the fix.

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