Multilingual content and publishing workflow in ExpressionEngine.

Publisher is the only multilingual and workflow module for ExpressionEngine. It lets you create drafts and translations of your entries, categories, and content phrases. No other module, or combination of modules, will compare to Publisher, and it is the closest ExpressionEngine will ever get to native draft and multilingual support. You will never manage your content the same way in ExpressionEngine again.

Watch how easy it is to translate content using DeepL with the integrated Auto Translations feature:

Key Features


Translate your site to any language. You can use your own typed out translations, or use the integrated DeepL or Google auto translation option.


Safely update content and save it as a draft, and share secure URLs with your team for review before going live.


Publisher has a basic approval process which lets you define which roles are considered a Publisher or Editor, and which channels require content review and approval.

Approval Notifications

Choose who is responsible for approvals, and they will receive email updates if something changes.

Translated URLs

Not only can you translate your content, but also your URLs.

Content Fallback

If an entry is not translated to a requested language, choose what, if anything, the user will see in its place.

Phrase and Category Imports

If you’re using a 3rd party translation company or handling the translations yourself, save time by exporting phrases and categories as a CSV file, and re-import the translations.


Create phrases to handle translations of non-entry based content on your site such as footer fine print, thank you messages, button text, navigation, etc.

and much more!

  • Template name translations
  • Route translations
  • Content diffs (yes you read that correctly)
  • Left to right, and right to left text direction defined per language

Compatibility: EE6, EE7

This add-on comes with an optional 1 year renewal fee of $100.00. Read more about renewals.