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Ticket: Wyvern field not showing in Expression Engine Entry page.

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Wyvern 1.6
Severity Critical
EE Version 2.7.3


Feb 25, 2014

I have set up Expression Engine on my local computer, with Wyvern and CKEditor properly installed, using the most recent versions of both. No problems, it works fine.
However, I have a server with an internet address, with all the stuff on a web server somewhere.
I’ve set up the same site with the same version of Wyvern, CKEditor and EE. I copied the EE database.
On the webserver however, the Wyvern field doesn’t display in the Expression Engine Publish Entry and Edit Entry pages- it’s just a blank space. I get the following error message in Firefox ‘s developer console:

uncaught exception: [CKEDITOR.resourceManager.load] Resource name “” was not found at “”

I checked, and the file mentioned in the error exists.
The webserver is running PHP v5.3.27, while I’m on 5.4.12 on my local PC. Would that make a difference?
Thanks for the help!
James 😊


BoldMinded (Brian)

Feb 25, 2014

You might have to set all your Wyvern fields to textarea, uninstall, then reinstall Wyvern and assign the fields back to Wyvern. After uninstalling, delete that file, it shouldn’t be in there.



Feb 25, 2014

Thank-you for your help. Setting the field to textarea, uninstall, etc, fixed the problem.
I have another issue, though. I’ve added the ‘Source’ button to the default Wyvern formatting buttons. I click this, and paste in a bunch of HTMLcode, and click the button again to show the formatted HTML. This is a great feature, but Wyvern is changing my HTML. At the moment it’s adding and removing div tags, adding <ul> tags around <li> elements that don’t need them, etc. The changes it’s making are breaking my site, or least making pages look different to how I want them.
Is there a way to turn off this auto-formatting?


BoldMinded (Brian)

Feb 26, 2014

I’ve already configured CKeditor to handle the content in the best way it can. If you look at your themes/wyvern/config.js file you’ll see this line

config.allowedContent = true;

Which fixes something that CKeditor “improved” upon in the 4.1 release. Any HTML manipulation at this point is done by CKeditor, not Wyvern, which I can’t really support. You’ll have to search the CKeditor forums to see if others are having similar issues and if there is a fix. It sounds like its trying to clean up your HTML, which I don’t think is something that can be turned off. It has to have valid HTML or else it won’t work. What <li> elements don’t need a wrapping <ul> or <ol>? They have to have it… thats how the tag works.

If you find a solution on their forums you can edit that config.js file, or in the Wyvern settings page is a field where you can add additional config (it has instructions on how to format it).

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