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Ticket: All languages shows in english template instead of just english

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Publisher
Severity Critical
EE Version

Ilija Đivić

Nov 27, 2012


We published 4 entries in blog “About us”, each entry in other language, but all 4 of them are visible in english template.

Just english entry should be visible in that template.

Also, links of languages (in right top corner) dont change the languages/templates.

Every template is translated in publisher module.

Cause of SEO we don’t want url prefix so we change option “Add URL prefix” to “No”. Could that be the problem?

Could you please check in cPanel why is that happening? What are we missing?

Thanks in advance


We had to disable the Publisher (settings, “Enable Publisher” set to “No”) until the client check what has been done on the website.
So the piece of code {root_url} is now {site_url}
language switcher is in snipet “jezici”, commented at the top


BoldMinded (Brian)

Nov 28, 2012

If I’m understanding correctly, if you are creating translations of an entry, you shouldn’t have 4 entries, but instead 1 entry with 4 translations.

I also noticed you are using Channel Images and Assets, neither of which currently work with Publisher if you need different images for the translations… otherwise it should work, but each translation will have the same images.


BoldMinded (Brian)

Dec 14, 2012

Ilija,  have you figured this out?


BoldMinded (Brian)

Dec 28, 2012

Closing, have not heard back. If you are still having an issue please open a new ticket.

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