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Ticket: Wyvern Site Links on MSM - FIX

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version
Severity Critical
EE Version 17

Chip Lay

Oct 31, 2012

You can update line 339 of helper.wyvern.php to:

$this->cache['pages'][$this->site_id] = $pages->get_pages($this->site_id);

Note the new $this->site_id, which correct passes through the site_id to the Structure Page function in the themes -> structure_pages.php file.



Chip Lay

Oct 31, 2012

Ok - spoke too soon.  This fixes the site link menu on the backend of EE, BUT now the links are not correctly parsing on the front end - they are coming across as /{page_url:601}

I think there is another change (or 2) needed in the ext.wyvern.php file, but I’m not sure where this time. Any ideas Brian on why those links wont parse?


Chip Lay

Nov 01, 2012

This has been resolved.  The conflict was with another module, Google Maps by ObjectiveHTML.  We removed it’s extension call to channel_entry_data_end and it fixed the issue (we didnt need it for how we’re using GMaps).  Apologies for the false alarm!

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