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Ticket: File fieldtype value not inserting.

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version DataGrab 4.0.5
EE Version EE 7.1.5

Kevin Chatel

Sep 28, 2022

Here is a snippet of JSON code that I’m using to import into a channel

    "id": 1,
    "type": "courtier",
    "name": "Chales Andre",
    "alias": "1-chales-andre",
    "state": 1,
    "aliasType": "courtier-immobilier",
    "image": "",
    "tel": "514-449-9707",
    "mail": "",
    "societe": "Les immeubles Nymark inc.",
    "site": "",

I’ve renamed the paths for security reasons. The image physically exists on the server. There’s a similar issue where the file gets moved to the root directory and the import gets stuck and never completes.

Here is the log message:

12:57:53 09/28/2022 Import #30 Started
12:57:53 09/28/2022 Import #30 Initialized
12:57:53 09/28/2022 Calling ajw_datagrab_pre_import() hook.
12:57:53 09/28/2022 Begin Importing [Chales Andre]
12:57:53 09/28/2022 File not found at path: chat.jpg
12:57:53 09/28/2022 #0 /var/www/html/

Let me know


BoldMinded (Brian)

Sep 28, 2022

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Kevin Chatel

Sep 28, 2022

Thank you Brian,
Works like a charm. Now I also see the directory tree as well in the add-on for the file filetype.

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