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Ticket: Bloqs not rendering after update to EE 6

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Bloqs 4.12.2
EE Version 6.2.7

Nikolina Cubra

Apr 11, 2022

Hi Brian,

I’ve updated EE to v6 and Bloqs to v4 and since then I am unable to edit any of the Bloqs.

So on my site I created a ‘Pages’ channel, and the layout has a field ‘Main Content’ which is a Bloqs type of field. Please look at screenshot ‘‘Content Entry on Pages channel, the Bloqs are not working’‘. They all say (Draft) mode for some reason even thought the colours of them imply they’re Live, this started showing after the update to EE6. You will also notice some Bloqs still have a Loading banner which never loads, (Billboard Image & Content - I’ve attached screenshots of their settings and their code in the Template ‘site/index’)

In my template ‘site/index’ which is what the entry in ‘Pages’ is utilising, I’ve had Bloqs that were using deprecated tags screenshot ‘‘Bloq Row, old’’ which I then swapped to screenshot ‘‘Bloq Row, new’’ hoping this will allow me to edit the entries using Bloqs and I still can’t do anything.

All the settings/templates/channels/entries worked fine in EE5, now with the update to EE6 I can’t utilise the Bloqs to edit my entries and I just can’t figure out why. Would you be kind enough and advise where possible?


BoldMinded (Brian)

Apr 11, 2022

Did you check your JavaScript console? This looks like a JS error on the page in the control panel. Share any errors you’re seeing.


BoldMinded (Brian)

Apr 11, 2022

Or a CSS file isn’t loading correctly. Do you see any 404s in your network tab for missing files? Are you 100% sure you updated Bloqs theme folder properly?


Nikolina Cubra

Apr 25, 2022

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