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Ticket: Pages are taking about 4 seconds longer to load then EE v5

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Publisher Lite 3.2.4 (701ec1a2)
EE Version 6.0.3


Feb 24, 2021


We noticed a big increase in page load speed after upgrading to EE v6. I initially had EE support (Robin Sowell) look into this, and disabling the publisher addon brought the speeds back to where they were.

It’s probably the same issue on all pages, but there’s one page that’s particularly slow that I listed under Site URL below.

Thank you!


BoldMinded (Brian)

Feb 24, 2021

There were no major changes in Publisher regarding EE5 and EE6, almost all the changes were to support the updated CP visuals and changing some queries to the new Roles models instead of the members tables, so I doubt any performance issues are related to the upgrade. Did you see this page in the docs?

It also greatly depends on what other add-ons you have installed. The page you linked to showed this as it’s load time:

Memory Usage: 11.9MB of 128M
Database Execution Time: 0.0902
Publisher Session Start: 1.6180
Publisher Core Boot Hook: 1.5737
Publisher Template Post Parse Hook: 0.0014
Publisher Total Execution Time: 1.0457
Total Execution Time: 3.8863

Publisher is adding only 1 second of load time… it seems most of the slowness is front-end related on this page?

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