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Ticket: Ability to see translated entries in relationship fields

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Publisher xxx
EE Version 5

Rob Allen

Mar 09, 2020

Currently on a multilingual site that uses relationship fields it’s not always easy for authors to choose the correct entry. Case in point, I have a client who have generic product names so the names are the same in any language. This means authors have no way of knowing which product name is the language version they want to use in a relationship field. To get around this they are currently appending language codes to the entries’ Title field. It works but it’s messy and not ideal because it essentially means you can’t use entry Title tags anywhere on the site.

It would be great to have a method where authors can view or filter entry language variations in a relationship field. This could be a [select] option to filter, or even appending the language code to the Title - being able to do it is probably more important than how!


BoldMinded (Brian)

Jun 11, 2020

Rob, I don’t think this is something I will pursue. Publisher doesn’t work like Transcribe so it can’t display the language next to the entry b/c in Transcribes case there are separate entries for each language, which makes sense to display the language, but in Publisher’s case, each entry in the Relationship field is a single entry_id. Displaying a language next to it would be inaccurate b/c the entry could be translated to any number of languages, and attempting to duplicate the entries listed in the Relationship field, e.g. showing the same entry 5 times, once for each language, would be seriously messing with the field behavior and probably result in other technical challenges and lead to other bugs.

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