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Ticket: Bypass message on success shouldn’t require that destination != referrer

Status Resolved
Add-on / Version Custom System Messages
Severity Critical
EE Version 16

Matthew R. Weinberg

Aug 10, 2012

We have the setting to bypass the message on success enabled on one of our sites. However, our login is in the header and it wasn’t working—- we’d always see the message.

I checked your code and it looks like you only redirect if $data[‘redirect’] != $data[‘referrer’], as in, not sending them back to the same page. This behavior breaks the functionality for us, where we do want to send them back to the same URL. Also, wouldn’t this always be the desired behavior on logout?

Either way, I temporarily just removed that check from the code and all seems to work, but I’d prefer if this was a native part of the add-on.

Thanks for all your hard work!



BoldMinded (Brian)

Aug 10, 2012

I’ll give that another look, thanks Matt!

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