Advanced caching for ExpressionEngine

Make your ExpressionEngine site blazing fast with Speedy, the most advanced caching module available for ExpressionEngine. Your entire site can be served statically from cache, or choose which template fragments to cache. Either way, it'll be speedy!

This page, and the majority of this site is using full page static cache. You can read more about how we did it in the docs.

Be comfortable with your purchase knowing that Speedy is fully supported by an active member of the ExpressionEngine community, and the codebase is backed by over 360 unit tests and 1960 assertions.


  • Speed - Speedy has been specifically developed with speed in mind. With full static page caching, pages can be delivered in under 100ms.
  • Flexibility - The module has been designed for caching fragments unique to each page, and globally.
  • Reliability - Keep your site online during maintenance periods, or when experiencing heavy load.
  • Freedom - Speedy has multiple cache drivers out of the box (Redis, Memecache, File).
  • Partial Caching - Fragment caching allows you to cache specific parts of a template, and leave others to be parsed on every request.
  • Cache Breaking - Each channel can be configured to the cache to break when an entry is created, updated or deleted based on key template.
  • Cache Refresh - Each channel can be configured to refresh the cached items after being cleared.
  • Deployment - You can break the cache with a request to an ACTion url as part of your deploy script.
  • Static Cache - Using the static tag, the page can be cached and served directly without ever booting ExpressionEngine.
  • Multiple Servers - Want static page caching, but have multiple web servers? Speedy has you covered. Flat file static caching is great for a single server, but every server should reference the same cache. In this case you'll want to use the Redis driver.
  • Friendly UI - You can easily manage the drivers, review what each driver has cached and clear the items from the control panel.
  • Configuration - You can manage all the settings within the control panel, and override most settings from your config file.
  • Query String Caching - You an cache variations of a page based on a whitelist of URL query string parameters you define (available only with static caching).

Key Features


Get a high level overview of all your cache drivers from the Speedy home page.

Driver Statistics

Get details about your cache drivers.

Cache Clearing Rules

Multiple criteria are available to determine how a cache item should be cleared. Clear items based on tags, URI path, entry status, or entry categories.

Config File Overrides

Manage driver settings directly in the control panel, or override them in your config.php file.

Static Caching

Speedy needs utility files to assist with static page caching. Speedy makes it easy for you, no complicated setup necessary.


Speedy’s diagnostics help reveal potential bottlenecks in your template code. The total queries executed and the processing time for each {exp:speedy:fragment} and {exp:speedy:static} tag will be recorded and made available through Speedy’s control panel settings page for future inspection. Caching may help hide slow performing pages, but the captured diagnostics can be used to help you identify and optimize bottlenecks.

Diagnostic Details

Viewing the diagnostics detail will list out all of the queries, along with their execution time, performed while generating that cache item. Run the queries individually in an external tool such as MySQL Workbench or Sequel Ace to further analyze the query.

Cache Details

View the details and contents of each cache item directly in the control panel.

Control Panel Widget

Get a quick overview of the diagnostics right on the ExpressionEngine control panel home screen.

Compatibility: EE6, EE7

This add-on comes with an optional 1 year renewal fee of $40.00. Read more about renewals.