Reading Time Pro

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Reading Time Pro lets you output the estimated reading time of your ExpressionEngine entries and saves the reading time back to the entry itself for optimal performance.

Other add-ons may provide similar functionality, but they calculate the reading time dynamically on every page load, which can be a bit of a performance hit. They also can't display the estimated reading time of an entry in a summary or list view.

Key Features:

  • Reading time is saved as a normal custom field in each entry
  • Display the reading time anywhere you can use an entry custom field
  • Search and sort your entries by reading time
  • Automatic re-calculation of reading times when an entry is saved
  • Works with any custom fields (Grid, Relationship, Matrix, Playa, Bloqs, Fluid etc)
  • Module tag to use outside of your {exp:channel:entries} tags


Compatibility: EE6, EE7

This add-on comes with an optional 1 year renewal fee of $20.00. Read more about renewals.