Simple Grid

March 16, 2018

Yesterday I tweeted an image of what appears to be a Grid field inside of Bloqs, and that is true, to some extent.

What I have been working on is remaniscent of the Nolan fieldtype for EE2, which I'm calling Simple Grid. I've had a lot of requests for adding Grid support to Bloqs, but as I've mentioned before due to the way Bloqs is architected it would be very difficult to implement (if it was even possible). I've also been a firm believer that you just shouldn't put grid based layouts into Bloqs because its not a good, normalized data structure, however, I caved and have been working on Simple Grid as a solution that hopefully meets most people's needs.

What Simple Grid is and is not

  • Its simple. It currently only supports 3 fieldtypes. Text, textarea, and toggle. There are no plans to add support for complicated fieldtypes. If the data can't be saved as a simple string value, it won't be supported by Simple Grid. Fields do not have any configurable options. You give a field a label and a short name and that is it.
  • It uses many of EE's underlying services to generate. In fact most of the code so far is not custom, but leveraging the same EE services that generate the native Grid field, thus it is about as native of a fieldtype as you can get from a 3rd party fieldtype.
  • It is intended for creating small bits of tabular data/display in a layout. It saves its data as a JSON object, so a Simple Grid field is not intended to have 100 rows of data. Remember, its called Simple Grid.
  • It should eventually work inside of Bloqs, Grid, and even as a standalone field.


I haven't figured out the exact price yet, but I do plan to offer it as a standalone fieldtype, and at a discounted rate if you're also purchasing Bloqs at the same time.

When will it be available?

I don't know yet. Most of the hard work is done. Right now I'm just getting it to work inside of Bloqs and Grid. Since it uses Grid code, there are some odd JavaScript interactions happening due to a grid nested inside of a Grid, but I expect to overcome that soon.