Publisher and other add-on updates

November 15, 2016

While I'm working to get a Publisher 2 beta out the door, hopefully (fingers crossed) in the next 2-4 weeks, I wanted to give everyone an update on the status of Publisher 1.x for EE2.

The end of life for Publisher 1.x will be very soon. And by soon I mean hot on the heals of the Publisher 2 release. As soon as Publisher 2 is released, Publisher 1 will no longer be for sale. I do not have time to support Publisher for two versions of EE, especially when sales of have been in a slump (probably due to people waiting on Publisher 2). With that said, the company I work for, Jamf, uses Publisher 1.x. We will probably be on EE 2 for several more months. During this time I may release Publisher 1.x updates that I see worth while. Critical security issues will also be addressed for the forseable future. But, if at the end of 2016 or early 2017 you submit a bug for Publisher 1.x, don't be surprised if my response is to upgrade to Publisher 2. My goal is to put Publisher 1.x in its grave as soon as possible.

Regarding other add-ons such as Wyvern and Wyvern Video. Sales for those have been in a slump for quite some time. I have no plans to upgrade them for EE 3. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, but this is a business decision. There simply is not enough revenue from the sales of those two add-ons to justify porting them to EE 3, and more importantly justify maintaining them (which is the biggest time sink of all).

If anyone is interested in purchasing ownership of Wyvern and/or Wyvern Video please contact me at litzinger at gmail dot com.