Publisher 3 Progress Update

May 08, 2019

Last December I tweeted about the beginning of Publisher 3.0. A few months have passed, so an update is due. 

The upgrade to Publisher 3 is actually mostly done. The main task was to convert it to a similar data structure as ExpressionEngine's own internals, which will allow Publisher to scale better, and in some cases perform better. Adding Fluid support was second on the agenda, however, it is proving difficult, which I expected. It involves adding 3 or 4 new hooks to ExpressionEngine. The basic Fluid support is mostly working with the addition of those hooks, but the really difficult part is supporting Grid and Relationship fields inside of a Fluid field. Because of this I've decided to shift the focus of Publisher 3 to not initially include Fluid support, and aim for Fluid support in a later 3.x release. Another deciding factor for this is that I have a long running branch in Git for the changes for Publisher 3. Every time I make changes to Publisher 2.x and rebase them into the Publisher 3 branch it kicks off a 64 step rebase process. Anyone who uses Git will know that long running branches are a bad practice. The longer two branches exist the more difficult it is to merge them together. I don't want to commit to a timeframe, but I want to get Publisher 3 out the door soon. I apologize to anyone who was waiting for Fluid support. It'll happen eventually.