Publisher 1 for ExpressionEngine 2 renewals disabled

September 19, 2017

While the sales of new licenses of Publisher 1 has been disabled for several months, the renewals were still active. A few customers have renewed to get the latest version because they have been unable to upgrade to ExpressionEngine 3. It was a little confusing to end support of Publisher 1 but also continue to sell renewals, even though the last few versions of Publisher 1 have been very stable and very few bugs reported. To remove the confusion, and to accelerate the move away from EE2, renewals have now also been disabled.

You can still get the latest version of Publisher 1 when you purchase Publisher 2. It has been packaged in the Publisher 2 download file since its release to assist in the upgrade from EE2 to EE3 process. So if you really, really want to keep using Publisher 1 you can get the latest version by purchasing version 2. Just be aware that new installations of Publisher 1 are 100% unsupported.