ExpressionEngine, meet Publisher

October 15, 2012

In the summer of 2011 I tweeted about a very large project I was working on,, and included screenshots and even a video demo of an add-on I created for it to allow for publishing workflow and translations. At the time there was nothing like it for ExpressionEngine 2, thus I had to build it from scratch. The result was a module called Uhura.

I had tweeted about hopefully releasing it to the community, but my tweets were premature. I did not own the code because it was written for a Nerdery client project, thus I could not release and maintain it for a fee, e.g. sell it. With that experience I set out to create an even better solution. I went to and created a brand new package. I spent many nights working on it from home, sometimes very actively and other times going a full 2 months with no activity. Nearly 10 months later Publisher was born. There are litterally no 2 lines of code that are the same. Publisher is better architected, cleaner, and better poised for growth. 

Publisher lets you create drafts and translations of your entries, phrases, and even categories (including category images and custom fields). Its designed to be the most robust enterprise solution for ExpressionEngine. If the idea of having workflow and translations working seemlessly together isn't enough to entice you to pay $175, then be patient. There are two very major features that I have yet to include. No other ExpressionEngine add-on will have features like them. Publisher will change how you use and sell ExpressionEngine to your clients.

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Publisher will be available for 50% off while it is in beta. Get your copy now.