ExpressionEngine 3 Plans

September 10, 2015

ExpressionEngine 3 is around the corner, which means devs are scrambling to upgrade their add-ons. Here are my plans:


Publisher, to be honest, is my main focus at this point in time. Its the largest and most feature rich add-on I have, and a lot of people's sites rely upon it heavily. Porting it to EE 3 will basically be like re-writing half the add-on. Publisher for EE 3 will be a paid upgrade. I do not yet know the amount though. If Devot:ee adds an EE 3 upgrade option, it will be a reduced amount from the original price. If Devot:ee does not add an upgrade option, it will be the full $200. While this may not sit well with some people, its really the only option(s) I have. Porting an add-on of Publisher's scale to EE 3 is no small task, and will be a large time commitment. The release date of Publisher for EE 3 also depends on when other add-ons are ported to EE 3, such as Structure, Matrix, Playa, and Assets. All of which Publisher support natively.

Custom System Messages

CSM is my most popular add-on in terms of licenses sold. I've already taken a look at porting it to EE 3, however, at this time it is impossible for me to do so due to changes in EE 3's infrastructure. It can be ported, but would require a core EE hack. If it comes down to that, then thats what will have to be done, however, I'll continue working with EllisLab to try to avoid this. EE 3 price is still to be determined. This also depends on how/if Devot:ee provides an upgrade option.


Wyvern will most likely be updated, but I do not know the timeframe in which that will happen. EE 3 price is still to be determined. This also depends on how/if Devot:ee provides an upgrade option.

Everything Else

To be honest, if the add-on is not Publisher, CSM, or Wyvern then its not really on my radar at the moment. Upgrading other add-ons will be done if a) its necessary, and b) whenever I can get around to doing so. I have a lot of work ahead of me. I'll do what I can when I can.


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