EE3 Add-on Compatibility Progress

November 30, 2015

I've had a few questions via Twitter and Email about when things will be ready for EE3. Here is what I can tell you...


I'm hoping to release Publisher by March of 2016. Other add-ons will come after that.


I'm currently re-writing Publisher for EE3. It is the only add-on I'm working on porting to EE3 at the moment and I'm hoping for a late Q1 of 2016 release. I could take the lazy approach and do only the minimum amount of work to port it to EE3, but I'm taking the time to do it right. Doing it right means fully utilizing the new architecture of EE3 and testing it as I go. If you've followed my Twitter feed or saw my talk at the EE conference in October you will know that I'm adding tests for better long-term stability, which takes more time up front, but will save me many hours of development and support down the road. Porting Publisher to EE3 has been interesting so far. I have not actually opened EE's control panel or loaded the front-end of the site in over a month. I'm living in code, and running EE in the command line to execute the tests. Eventually I'll have to start using the CP, but for now test driven development is where its at. If anyone is interested in how I'm doing this, I've shared a repo on Git.

Everything Else

All other add-ons will be evaluated for porting to EE3 after Publisher is done. Given recent sales trends, it just makes the most sense to focus on my most popular add-on first.