DataGrab price change

May 19, 2023

Starting with the release of DataGrab version 5, the cost of a single site license will increase to $100.

DataGrab 5 introduces a more modern queue based importing system, which was a pretty large re-write of the DataGrab codebase. It lays better groundwork for future additions and changes, as well as supporting the growth of customer sites. In general, importing data into any system is usually a complicated process, and in order to facilitate the ongoing support of multiple native ExpressionEngine and 3rd party field types we'll be increasing the price.

The price increase will only affect newly purchased licenses. DataGrab 5 is still in beta and a release date is TBD, but anyone who has purchased DataGrab 4 license within 1 year of the DataGrab 5 release date will be able to upgrade for free.