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November 09, 2015

If you caught the email blast that was sent out last month, then this isn't news to you. If you missed it or your email automatically filtered it to your spam folder, keep reading.

For various reasons I have decided to move all add-on sales away from Devot:ee and handle them myself. The primary reasons are for more flexible pricing options and tighter integration with my support channel. As I stated in my previous news entry I am at the mercy of Devot:ee for add-on upgrade/renewal pricing options. Selling the add-ons directly means a few things:

  1. I have more pricing options. E.g. I can offer reduced upgrade prices for EE3 add-ons instead of charging full price for them. As of right now upgrading Publisher to EE 3 will be $150.00 as opposed to the full $200. Other add-ons will have similarly reduced prices.
  2. Having direct access to add-on purchase history, as opposed to talking to an external API, will let me tie the Support section into the purchases. While I don't feel like pirating is a huge issue right now, this will help prevent it if it does become a problem. Its not the direct pirating of software that concerns me. Its supporting those people after the fact that is the problem. In order to post a support ticket users must have a valid (and active) license for the add-on they are seeking help with.
  3. Longetivity. Selling directly means I'm in control and and won't be influenced by 3rd parties.

Accessing your purchased Add-ons

All your currently past purchases from Devot:ee have been imported to The email address you used to purchase add-ons from Devot:ee has been used to create an account on, with all of your previously purchased add-ons linked to the account. A temporary unique encrypted password was given to the account. You will need to use the password reset feature to change the password to something familiar to you, then you will be able to login and retrieve your add-on downloads. If you have any issues with this please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).