Blueprints is no longer for sale

September 27, 2014

I've been thinking about this for months now, every time an obscure bug report comes in I tell myself I'm going to stop selling it.

It was originally created to make the Entry workflow a bit easier to understand, and to solve this "problem" I created another add-on that is simply a hack. It literally hi-jacks another value in the publish page to trick EE into doing something it wasn't supposed to be doing. Because of this, bug reports are widely inconsistent, and recently, perhaps in EE 2.9, the ability to hide a required field is no longer an option in the Publish Layouts sidebar, which cripples one of Blueprints features. Supporting Blueprints has become a chore and its sales are not high enough to justify keeping it around. This was not a easy or snap decision. I've thought about doing this for over a year now. Its time I finally pull the plug, especially after one of its features was crippled by the latest version of EE. Its not a battle I wish to continue fighting and would rather focus my energy elsewhere.

I want to thank everyone who purchased and used it in the past. If Blueprints continues to work for you and how you expect it to, feel free to keep using it, but I won't be able to support you.

If you're looking for comparable solutions you can try Entry TypeBetter Pages, Entry Layout, or Plates

I'll continue to support existing customers with issues the best I can until October 31, 2014, but after that I will not be supporting it anymore for free. If you need support for it after October 31st you will need to contact me and we can discuss resolving any issue on a contract basis by the hour.

After October 31st I'll open source Blueprints on Github. I probably won't be making code contributions myself, but I'll merge pull requests.